Introducing Housekeeper Employee of the Year 2023!

24 August 2023

Housekeeper of the year 2023

We are thrilled to introduce the winner of the coveted ‘Housekeeper Employee of the Year’ recipient at the Victorian Accommodation Awards for Excellence 2023, Sanjay Kedar, who works for ahs hospitality at the Sheraton Melbourne Hotel. This amazing individual helps to redefine the hospitality standards in hotels and demonstrates an unparalleled dedication to what he does! We sat down with Sanjay for a quick catch up the morning after the awards to ask him a few questions about his big award.

ahs hospitality: So, Sanjay, it’s great to see you still smiling even with only a few hours of sleep after last night’s celebrations! How does it feel to be recognised as Housekeeper Employee of the Year for 2023?

Sanjay Kedar: Being nominated along with some of the best colleagues in the industry, a few of my mentors, and one of my past direct managers was such an achievement in itself! But to be recognised as one of the two recipients of Housekeeper Employee of the Year 2023 is extra special! It truly is a huge success for both the clients and guest expectations after the challenges in a post pandemic world and industry. It is indeed an amazing feeling that I have achieved such a milestone!

ahs: How did you celebrate your achievement?

SK: Well I didn’t get a chance to party hard for the success, however, the real celebration has been at work, acknowledging and sharing the success with the entire team. Everyone in the housekeeping team, as well as people from all the departments, have reached out to me personally and congratulated me on the achievement. It has been a big celebration!

ahs: How long have you been working in hospitality now?

SK: I’ve just completed a decade with this wonderful organisation!

ahs: Wow, 10 years! What hotels have you worked at in this time?

SK: I’ve been fortunate enough to work at a variety of deluxe accommodations, hotels, resorts, and boutique hotels including Adina Southbank, Peppers Docklands, Mantra in Lorne, The Olsen - Art Series, Novotel Preston, Jasper Hotel, and now at Sheraton Melbourne!

ahs: After so long in the industry, how has your approach changed over the years?

SK: Changes to satisfy the needs of clients, guests, and employes haven’t been so difficult. The expectations that we deal with daily can sometimes be a challenge, however delivering to the standard and achieving high scores in guest satisfaction is definitely an achievement.

The industry is becoming more competitive with each passing day and to keep up we have to learn, listen and adapt on a regular basis. I would say my approach to clients, guests, vendors, suppliers, and employees or associates has become more intellectual and collaborative over time as we work in close partnership to achieve goals.

ahs: What is the hardest part of your job?

SK: Housekeeping is all about people. I believe I am a people’s manager and I adapt people management traits mixed with emotional intelligence. If your colleagues and associates are happy, the numbers, be it productivity or quality, sparkle. So, I think there’s no real hard part to my job because the hardest thing I have already achieved!

ahs: What has been your most memorable workplace moment?

SK: Being awarded the Sheraton Employee of the Year 2022 was the most memorable moment in the workplace. Being a contractor to the client but still achieving the award was something I never expected or will forget!

ahs: What are your top housekeeping tips that everyone should be doing in their own home?

SK: Care for your tools and appliances and they will take care of you! Scheduled cleaning saves time and money. And see something, say something!

ahs: Thanks Sanjay, and last question, tell us something that your colleagues would be surprised to know about you!

SK: Believe in your passion and make your passion your profession! I had been an IT professional, an IT Project Manager for 13 long years. My study was within IT and my Masters was in Information Technology, yet it wasn’t until I started working in hospitality as a Houseman that I developed passion and desire for different roles in the hospitality industry. Lastly, I believe no one cooks like me! I am a self-proclaimed chef!

Thanks for taking the time to tell us a bit about yourself Sanjay, we are so proud of your achievement and so lucky to have you as part of the ahs hospitality team, keep up the awesome work!

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Housekeeper of the year 2023