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Why Choose Us?

Our transparency and our accountability sets us apart from our competitors. When you outsource your hotel services you want a trusted provider who is compliant, has a proven track record and is industry recognised.

Why outsource with us?

cost savings

Every year, we save our clients between 5% and 20% on their accommodation costs. We provide you with a standard cost per occupied room, making it easy for you to budget for room servicing and ensuring you have no guest service budget overruns, regardless of occupancy.

Our prices include all associated on-costs and operating costs.​

flexibility to suit demand

With ahs hospitality, you only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

This flexibility enables us to manage the workload for you - with more team members during busy periods and fewer during the quiet. It's that simple.​


fully equipped

With our own dedicated Human Resources, Marketing, Legal, and Safety and Performance teams, we have the resources to ensure a comprehensive support network for each of our hotel partners.

With the adoption of the latest industry technology, such as our in-house app, outsourcing has never been easier for hotel managers. 

Benefits of outsourcing with ahs hospitality

  • Quality of guest services guaranteed.

  • All team members specially trained.

  • All team member management handled by ahs.

  • Workers' compensation responsibilities managed by ahs.

  • Considerable reduction in payroll and HR issues for hotel management.

  • No team member liabilities on your balance sheet.

  • Costs totally flexible according to occupancy rate and hotel requirements.

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With ahs hospitality, you have a very experienced partner, solely dedicated to the comfort and convenience of your hotel guests.

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Additional Support

In addition to our corporate offices and operations in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and Christchurch, and operations in South Australia, Northern Territory, the ACT, Auckland, Wellington, and Queenstown, our parent company, Chandler Macleod has offices throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our management team comprises senior and highly experienced hospitality professionals.