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"Powering the industry with expertise, innovation and integrity, with people at the heart of all we do."

Through a culture of continuous development and incentives we motivate and engage our workforce.


With our housekeeping teams operating all over Australia, from regional to metropolitan areas, our ability to stay connected is extremely important.

Building our culture and creating a community among our teams, beyond geographical location is integral.

From celebrating anniversaries and achievements to participating in environmental and community based initiatives, we always allocate time to appreciate our work, our values and our people.

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​If you are aiming to grow professionally from within ahs hospitality we have a variety of roles available at different levels to provide opportunity for our team members to develop.

If you are currently employed within ahs hospitality speak with your direct line manager about opportunities for you to build on your current expertise, and if you are a new candidate browse our different disciplines to start plotting your future career path today.

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​Over the last 25 years, we have developed an extensive suite of processes and systems to ensure team members are engaged and excited to turn up for work each day.

We offer a comprehensive annual training plan to ensure our team members deliver quality and compliant room servicing.

Our extensive training ensures our team members are armed with the knowledge, skills and confidence to complete their work successfully and safely.

Housekeeping Certificate


With detailed processes and procedures that are continuously monitored, regulated, reported, and updated we want our team members to always feel safe on the job.

As a safety-focused operator, here are some of the procedures we have in place to ensure our room attendants safety in our hotels:

·       Robust and comprehensive safety management system

·       Annual audit schedule

·       Integrated incident reporting

·       State-based safety advisors

·       Targeted proactive safety programs/initiatives


Our room attendants have access to housekeeping managers, who have the support of Operations Managers and State General Managers. Having a structured leadership team provides not just comprehensive support, but also opportunities for continued professional development for all team members.

The combined hotel experience of the senior leadership team proudly spans over 130 years across much of the large multinational hotel partners. With strong leadership and the dedication of our hardworking team members we at ahs hospitality are always looking forward.

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If you feel you would make a valuable addition to the ahs hospitality family then we encourage you to view our available roles and apply to be part of our team.

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