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Room servicing that suits you

If you are looking for a tailored housekeeping model, please enquire with us today. We offer multiple servicing models to suit your needs.

Housekeeping-full model

Our most comprehensive servicing solution option, this model takes full advantage of the expertise we can provide. The entire department is operated by us according to pre-determined structure and pricing.

We provide all labour, equipment, technology, chemicals, consumables and uniforms. All team training, safety, Human Resources and recruitment services are covered, so you can have peace-of-mind while you are juggling the many demands of your hotel.

Labour hire

When you don’t have enough housekeepers, we can help. We have fully trained team members ready to work with you through those peaks and troughs.

  • No fixed costs and rates are based on HIGA - hourly rates available

  • Minimum shift engagement 4 hours

  • Trained workforce

  • You decide start and end dates

  • Our team members work under your direction

  • Facility provides equipment and chemicals


Post COVID-19 services

With the challenges of rate and occupancy greater than ever, we will work with you to deliver the model best suited to your needs. We have a choice of several services to help you control costs.

Our full suite of servicing options will ensure your guests feel safe when staying in your hotel.

These include:

  • Pathogen services (if a guest tests positive to COVID-19)

  • Deep services for hotel rooms and apartments

  • Electrostatic disinfecting

  • Enhanced bed hygiene

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