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Our Community

With people at the heart of what we do, we aspire to be constantly active participants in building up our community.


We encourage people from all walks of life to join ahs hospitality. We know that diversity in our teams makes our company richer.

Partnership with Nepal’s Skills Campus

ahs hospitality has partnered with a hospitality college in Nepal called Skills Campus. This partnership provides Nepalese hospitality students with a 6-month paid internship building invaluable
skills and great opportunities to work in large international 4-5 star hotels. Gaining hands-on experience in hospitality is required to complete their course, and also provides them with the wonderful opportunity to work abroad.

The first intake of students started with ahs hospitality in June 2019, providing great benefits both for students and ahs hospitality.

Hospitality Disability Network Western Australia (HDNWA)

In 2019 we partnered with six major industry employers (Marriott International, Crown Peth, Venues Live, IHG and The Hospitality Group) to launch a pilot program to bring together businesses interested in training and employing people with disabilities.

As an employer within HDNWA we aim to lead disability employment within our industry, providing support and career development for people with disabilities within our company. While we currently have people with disabilities employed within ahs hospitality across Australia, we aspire to provide more employment opportunities in the future. 


As a company, we want to reduce our environmental impact when providing services to our partners. There are many opportunities within the industry to improve waste reduction and we see waste reduction, recycling and smart waste management as the way forward.

100% Digital

A key strategy of the RGF Staffing APEJ is to be 100% digital by 2021. ahs hospitality is right on track to achieve this group strategy.

The current challenge has been to sustain our commitment to digital paperwork once social distancing restrictions begin to lift. We are dedicated to reducing unnecessary waste and keeping our business digital and eco-friendly. 

Environmental Room Servicing & Waste Management

We have incorporated standards and procedures to ensure water conservation, waste reduction, proper chemical handling and recycling. Training our team members in our environmental room servicing processes is beneficial for our company culture, our clients, and our planet.

We are aiming to increase the use of our eco-friendly chemicals used for room servicing. Approximately 60% of our rooms are serviced with environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning products.

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