Meet Nadine Cooper: Our New Zealand Leader

30 March 2022

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Have you met our New Zealand General Manager, Nadine Cooper?

Nadine is coming up on her 10 year anniversary with ahs hospitality and in recognition of this important milestone, we wanted to get to know Nadine a little better.

So, let's get stuck in...

  1. What led you to become the General Manager at ahs hospitality New Zealand?
    I was working with ahs hospitality in Perth Western Australia when I was offered the opportunity to establish the ahs business in New Zealand. I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the role and excited to lead the expansion of ahs hospitality outside of Australia.

  2. How did the COVID-19 outbreak impact the ahs New Zealand business?
    For all of us in the hospitality industry, the impact of COVID 19 was devastating. We can look back now and find positive, strengthening elements, but it was a very difficult period for our team. Obviously there are still challenges as the labour market struggles due to the lack of immigration and the challenges in attracting and retaining employees within the hospitality sector. However, with borders beginning to open in New Zealand we are raring and ready to revive the New Zealand hospitality and tourism sectors.

  3. How did the ahs New Zealand business adapt to this new covid world?
    We have the benefit of strong partnerships with our hotels, and we could adapt our services to suit. We confirmed our practices for housekeeping were COVID safe, with re-training and education. Safety, communication and relationships has been the key pillars for us throughout the pandemic.

  4. What do you enjoy most about working in hospitality?
    The variety of work and dynamic pace. We are champions at providing great quality service in the most difficult circumstances.

  5. For you, what elements have you found make up your strongest client relationships?
    We have established strong relationships by continuously providing trained housekeeping teams, delivering on our service promise, offering a true partner willing to adapt to each hotels' requirements, and mainting open lines of communication.

  6. After a long day, how do you switch off from work mode?
    I love getting outdoors with my dog Jake, throughout the pandemic nature has been a constant source of joy. I also enjoy dining out and trying new restaurants.