Introducing our housekeeping services app
– making quality checks easy

Hotel management can be a tough gig. On any given day, there are hundreds of little details which require attention in order to ensure your hotel’s standards are maintained and your guests’ expectations are exceeded.

AHS Hospitality has developed an industry-first, dynamic, real time Housekeeping App, designed to help you efficiently monitor consistency and improve quality, providing visual references to your Brand Standards. Giving you peace of mind that your rooms have been prepared exactly to specifications. The app also gives you access to reporting, safety, quality and scheduling information at your fingertips.

AHS housekeeping services app features

  • User-friendly rating system to rate the quality of our housekeeping services
  • Capture notes and photos from your inspections
  • Customisation to show your brand standards
  • Access to quality and safety reporting
  • Record safety observations
  • Access to Trip Advisor to see how your guests reviews

Download the AHS Hospitality app from iTunes or Google Play  to log in or contact your AHS representative for more information and request access.